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28-Oct-2017 04:30

If there are only two trannys on campus, do they really need a dating app to find each other? Also, why can’t there be a separate dating app for people who are gender non-binary instead of bullying an app creator into apologizing for basic biology?

No one is stopping anyone from creating their own app.

Facebook was created by a student at Harvard, who was basically left to his own devices (depending on which book you’ve read and believe on the subject). Harvard students can’t create a dating app without having people complain about only giving two genders from which to choose.

Datamatch, a matchmaking algorithm created by the Harvard Computer Society for Valentine’s Day, forced students to choose “male” or “female” without offering options for genderqueer or gender non-conforming students.

But unlike leftists and apparently too many Harvard students, we’re not anti-science.

Even though the left constantly tells us we’re “anti-science.” BUT THERE ARE 52 GENDERS, YOU HATER.

Still though, she says this year she plans to extend her activities into a new dimension--dating life.

“I think employers really want to see that you’re well rounded.

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Added bonus: When it comes to speed-dating, they are also more likely to score a second date.Additionally they may be afraid to come across as rude, intrusive or incompetent.