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Of the sedentary Indians that held or overawed a considerable extent of territory by their own single efforts, the various independent groups of Guatemala and Tarascans in western central Mexico were most conspicuous.

In North America, the Muskogees, the Natchez, the Choctaws, and further north the Dakotas and the Pawnees displayed considerable aggressive power.

Not even the most advanced among the American Indians had risen to the conception of a Nation or State; their organization was merely tribal, and their conquests or raids were made, not with the view of assimilating subjected enemies, but for booty (including females, and human victims for sacrifice) or, at best, for the purpose of exacting tribute and assistance in warfare.

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From the physical standpoint, they have been classified with the type called Mongolian, but since doubts have arisen as to the existence of such a type, it is safer to state that, anthropologically, the American, and especially the North American Indians , resemble some of the most easterly Asiatic tribes more closely than any other group of the human family.

This was also the case along the Mississippi (on both banks), and in the timbered basin of the Alleghenies, along the Atlantic from St.

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