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Our first dive was cancelled the next afternoon due to high winds and waves, but not before Simone nearly had a meltdown trying on the rental wetsuit, deeply unhappy as she struggled to get the wrinkled, skin-tight neoprene up over her legs and hips.Of course, having me whisper, “Take a deep breath, please calm down,” didn’t make things any better.The next dive that day and the two the day after were easy and gorgeous, in warm water and dazzling sun, swimming over historical shipwrecks and exploring reefs.Because that’s how it is with Simone — get her past that first bit of doubt, and she settles down, letting her natural gifts restore her confidence.So it’s this balance between helping her maintain confidence but also bracing her for potential disappointment.It’s like, she loves her scuba time and feels good at it, but she also burns through her air faster than everyone else because she’s not a strong swimmer and flails around a ton.It’s something I try to remind her of, how that initial dissonance and discomfort goes away fairly quickly, once she warms to whatever it is she’s working on.

Do you want to stay with the party, or come with us?

Our dive guide was a college student studying underwater archeology, so she and Simone bonded pretty much right away on all the nerdy things.

And she was stoked to be with us on Simone’s first post-certification dives.

Simone didn’t have strong feelings about the adventure either way, which was maddening and, well, expected.

So there we were, driving down the Overseas Highway with the windows open, bellies full of fresh mango and a guanabana milkshake from the Robert is Here fruit stand, a Spanish radio station’s latin pop cranked to be heard above the wind mussing our hair, Simone translating song titles and snippets of lyrics, both of us smiling and laughing.

, where I grow a big, hairy mustache to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues — prostate and testicular cancer, along with mental health and suicide prevention.

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Also note the vertical black lines on the control panel (found on earliest silverface amps) and the large ceramic power resistors coming off the power tube sockets which indicates the AB568 circuit. But really, these cabs were large because they were of a “special design” that “greatly improves tone and volume without distortion, and permits optimum performance of the speakers.” At least that’s the reason according to the ’69 catalog.… continue reading »

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They shop in town once a year, they provide their own food and meat through gardening, foraging and hunting.… continue reading »

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