Updating norton emergency disks

30-Sep-2017 21:40

updating norton emergency disks-71

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It sounds like something did not go completely well with your new installation.

If the virus definitions are out of date, Norton Bootable Recovery Tool may not detect and remove all the latest security threats from your computer.After the successful full system scan while not allowing the scanning of compressed files completed, I reset NS to scan compressed files.I am hypothesizing that NS started a full scan during idle time and ran into difficulties with those compressed files.The Windows "Program and Features" showed it gone, but NRn R thought it was still there. It takes 10 to 60 seconds to respond to a mouse click. It was "stuck" on scanning the "D:" drive, i.e., the drive where HP directed new computer owners to store their original computer configuration, OS and all.

I did a search of the registry and found a folder for Norton Utilities keys and deleted it. I would have thought that Symantec's removal software would have been more through. I have installed Process Explorer to see if I can identify what is doing all the I/O, but that is proving difficult. I could not get rid of the full system scan window without rebooting the machine. It takes 10s of seconds to respond to a mouse click. First, I ran "chkdsk c: /r" which only ran for about 10 minutes and gave no indication of disk problems.

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