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01-Oct-2017 02:20

While it may not seem plausible to set aside the maximum contribution amount, workers should aim to at least contribute the maximum that may be matched by their employer or whatever may fit your budget.

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It may not always be easy to talk about money, but by sharing ideas, brainstorming and making changes together can both create help create positive financial habits and bring people together.

Depending on your goals and priorities, direct deposit can be used to allocate funds to a checking account used exclusively to make loan payments, a 529 or other college savings account, Holiday or Vacation Club Account, or even an after-tax investment account.

And using direct deposit won’t just ensure that your annual goals are met, but will give you the confidence to freely use any money still available in your personal account after the deductions.

To learn more about how to create a budget that can work for you, check out our blog post MCU’s Tips for Creating an Effective Spending Plan. Set Up Direct Deposit Setting aside savings to achieve your financial goals can seem daunting.

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However, by using direct deposit and automated transfers, you can begin to put as much or as little away as you want each month without even having to think about it.

Similarly, if you have donated an item, you’ll need to keep detailed receipts for your records.