Qt ui file not updating

15-Aug-2017 14:30

I have a log file being written by another process which I want to watch for changes.Each time a change occurs I'd like to read the new data in to do some processing on it. I was hoping there'd be some sort of hook from the Py Win32 library.This q Bittorent release uses API of 1.1.x that hasn't been released yet. Wait for 1.1.2 release, or build from RC_1_1 branch, or build against the 1.0.x series. As a result we switched off our forum to investigate. We didn't discover any evidence of unauthorized entry. And as you may have noticed from the v3.2.x series, we now have a healthy amount of devs contributing to it. This release finally fixes an obscure "hit-and-run" bug with trackers.We highly suspect that the self-proclaimed "hacker" was a fraud instead. This series have switched to Qt5 but Qt4 is still supported. It is actually a libtorrent bug which is fixed in their source.Create File ( dir Path, FILE_LIST_DIRECTORY, win32con. FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_LAST_WRITE, None, None ) # For each change, check to see if it's updating the file we're # interested in for action, file_M in results: full_filename = join (dir Path, file_M) #print file, (action, "Unknown") if len(full_filename) == len(file Monitoring) and action == 3: #copy to main file ...Here's an example geared toward watching input files that write no more than one line per second but usually a lot less.The goal is to append the last line (most recent write) to the specified output file.

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Windows users: There is an installer for 64-bit qbittorrent. q Bittorrent v3.3.4 was released after a long time with huge changelog. You'll see a graphic glitch when hovering over the "plus" sign in the content tree.

However, you might experience increased memory usage due to this. It is a known problem but Qt 5.6 brings fixes that justify using it despite the graphic glitch.