Symantec endpoint protection client not updating policy

02-Sep-2017 09:54

It involves ensuring that each of the devices that are managed has all of the up-to-date patches; this includes operating system (OS) patches and application patches.

As many can attest, the simple lack of maintaining the patch level of a device greatly increases the likelihood of it being exploited.

The definition of "endpoint" has expanded considerably over the last decade as the availability of mobile technologies and prevalence of teleworkers has increased.

With this expansion comes considerable changes in how an Info Sec professional must protect these resources.

Each vendor has its own specific way of categorizing each of these and this article will attempt to lump each of the features under a high level umbrella.

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MORE: Active Directory Security with Group Management Tools Patch management (which can also be covered under the umbrella of configuration management) is a vital part of any organization.While mobile phones have been around for some time, the entrance of a truly smart phone have only really existed for the last 15 years or so and have gained considerable popularity over the last 5-10 years.On top of this these devices have become more open and flexible and their hardware specifications have grown exponentially year over year.At its simplest, configuration management is used by organization engineers to control how specific devices are configured.

This configuration is then monitored to ensure that it fits within the restrictions of the system configuration and the organization's device policy (i.e.

Modern endpoint protection solutions use a number of different methods to protect endpoints from security exploits.