Client computer not updating time

17-Nov-2017 08:33

Open a command prompt and type in the word date and press enter. If you get an error, however, then try running the command prompt as Administrator.

If you get an error message like “A required privilege is not held by the client” when trying to use the command prompt, go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Local Security Policy and then navigate to Local Policy\User Rights Assignment and ensure that Change the system time and Change the time zone privileges are given to Administrators.

You can either use the update client in your router or download a software client to run on your computer.

We highly recommend using software clients since they tend to be more reliable than many of the update clients used in routers.

The message that kept popping up was: I had previously had some problems with this machine and thought it might be related.

In the end, I had to try a couple of different solutions before I stopped getting the error message about not having permission. One thing you can try is to change the date and time in Safe Mode.

If the clock off by more than 2 minutes, Hubstaff will not allow the user to record activity.

Using an update client with your Remote Access (Dyn DNS Pro) or Dyn Standard DNS hostname allows you to make sure you can always reach your home network, because it makes sure that your hostname is always up-to-date with the latest IP address.

The update client runs in the background, so once you have it properly configured you don’t have to worry about it; you only need to remember your hostname to reach your files and services.

Sometimes a conflict can occur and a third party program might prevent you changing the time.

Hopefully one of the solutions above fixes your issue.

An update client is a computer application or a feature in your router that keeps your hostname’s IP address up-to-date.

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