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The gas is supplied via 2 x 45kg gas bottles outside the house , via Elgas, who come and fill up the tanks every month or so. -Cook about 5 times a week using the gas cooktop - 2 x 5 min showers in the morning, 2 x 15 min showers in the evening each day, plus a baby bath (not big bath) filled each evening for my toddler.- 3 loads of warm water laundry each week - We have both heaters on about 1 hour each evening We've always had electric for everything so no idea ! I don't know the answer, but am at the cost you are bearing.We connected a 45kg less than two weeks ago and tonight its empty. I know its like asking how long a piece of string is.less than 2 weeks is ridiculous when it costs about per 45kg tank. I have heard that tank gas is the most expensive but had not realised just how the first weekend and now I'm mad I didn't pace myself. ), Taryn Manning was in a sharing mood on the Emmy carpet.Please tell me you have scoop on my favorite inmates to tide me over until season three! "There will be more surprises and moments coming where you're like, 'I love Pennsatucky!

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"We were all making bets all season long trying to figure out who the benefactor is and we were all wrong," Cho tells me. "I would say that I definitely put a little bit of my own take on it because the writing is different," Foster told me of his portrayal of the new Disney character. I would say that I definitely bring a little something else to it.

' And then moments where you're like, 'I want to kill her,'" Manning said. I'm excited for people to see that she's just like everyone else. Everyone can make a mistakebut I think she's going to be all right.

I can't be sure because she's unpredictable and I love that about her." Sarah: I can't believe it's almost time for all my favorite shows to come back!

Thanks.[PS: Sorry for the delay in this week's Chat. Sounds like Crowley better watch his back while he's out celebrating Dean's new demon status, since the younger Winchester is coming for him.

I will spend my very own precious time talking to the hot new guy who's playing Kristoff, even though I could be sorting my sock drawer, and seriously, my lights and darks are all over the place. And you can thank me by sending chocolates and puppies.

Miele) and wood heating - this is how we keep our costs down.

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