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18-Oct-2017 09:54

I'm heading up the coast on the weekend, and I just played around with the unit today to see how it would go up there if I had no idea i.e.was a fresh faced tourist, and it was disappointing.I just purchased one of these systems and I can't seem to find the activation key. There are some numbers on the back of the installation disc but it one letter/number too short.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but UBD (and Gregory's) has been owned by Sensis who provide maps for Garmin and Tom Tom for nearly 6 years.Better still I will email them in this return email.

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I will be telling all my friends to buy any other brand than Navman.

My dad was given one the other day, I successfully download a later version of the maps "Map Data_NTAU1_v1002_4202.iso" but was unable to uploaded some how.