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Okay, so first off, I really don't think she is a prostitute. (inside, what a wonderful characature of intamacy) next it talks about what's gonna hapen: she is going to do bad things and (....o_o) will get a job at the law firm and be sucure. she'll stay with him for fear of uprooting thier picturesque famaily.

For the night she sleeps with the lawyer and cop, she may seem like a hooker. later, it talks about how the husband told his wife that he was meeting with the 'virgin' for buisness purposes.

Along with the people inside What a wonderful caricature of intimacy Inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy.- He's saying the people inside are worthless, it's mostly filled with prositutues and whoever has hired them that night.

Tonight's tenants range from: a lawyer and a virgin, accesorizing with a rosarie tucked inside her lingerie- The tenants of the motel that night range from a lawyer and a "virgin" to who else knows what. - I think this is switching point of views from the prostitute to the lawyer's wife.

After their buisness was done the prostitute is "fixing her face" or putting on makeup, trying to conceal herself so she doesn't resemble what she just did.

The terrible crash between her and the badge is the prostitute running into the cop (I think litterally).

haha this songs makes me cry,and i really think that everyone's interpretation is correct because music thoughts:at the start it's a lawyer meeting this "'virgin' at the standard, cruddy(decomposing right before your very eyes) motel.

D: The whole "There are no raindrops on roses, Or girls in white dresses.

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Appealing only cause they're just that un-appealing- Meaning the only reason they would want to go there is because it's a good place to get away with things like prostitution.

Also you wouldn't expect a lawyer or someone "respectable" to be there.

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