Christian dating the second date

18-Aug-2017 15:46

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You are on the date, I presume, to meet your desire for companionship and perhaps in hopes of marriage.

You have anxieties, hopes, fears, likes and dislikes.

" Remember, too, that there are other people involved than just the two of you on a date.

There are parents, friends, and among others, pastors at the dinner table with you, as it were.

I often tell men anticipating a first date to assume that either this is the beginning of their marriage relationship or else they are out with a woman who will be someone else's wife.

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Even when a dating relationship doesn't work out, you should ask yourself if your former date is better off for having spent time with you.

In this sense, the answer to the question, "What does the Bible say about dating? " Everything from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation is relevant to the Christian wishing to date.

Let me pick just one passage of the Bible to start working from.

Let's start with the second of those commandments, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Already we have entered into distinctly Christian territory.

A principal motive when you are on a date, whether you are a man or a woman, is to be concerned for the other person's well-being.

But you shouldn't pin your hopes all on this one person just yet, and she shouldn't do that to you, either.