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At the Day home, the police forced their way into the home and found Shannon's dead body in a closet in a bedroom.Trevor Day, the Days' seven-month-old child, was found by the police crying with a cord tied around his neck underneath a pile of cloths in a zipped bag in one of the bedrooms of the Day home.Kim Jones was, at that time, Howard's girlfriend, but since the two have been married.Later that Friday at p.m., Howard called Vicki at her motel room in Texarkana.However, the most incriminating evidence against Howard was his inappropriate and unexplainable behavior both before and after the discovery of Brian, Shannon, and Trevor Day.During a period of time before and after the bodies were located, Howard relied on three different girlfriends, their homes, and several vehicles interchangeably to plan and to attempt to conceal his crimes.

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Background On Saturday, December 13, 1997 at a.m., the police discovered Brian Day's body in the back of a U-Haul truck in Ogden, Arkansas.

Consequently, Howard's behavior is best understood in a chronological order beginning with the Thursday before the crimes.