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25-Aug-2017 02:59

I pan the room, searching for anything remotely risqué, but find only that day’s local newspaper, featuring a group of cheerful retirees on the cover. “First things first: We need to work on slowing you Vanessa Marin, the female orgasm whisperer mentioned above, also urges her male clients to slow the fuck down.

So I opt for the ol’ reliable: An internal spankbank of exes and past hookups, which works miraculously well. “If you masturbate in under a minute every time you’re training your body that’s what the orgasm process is like.

The most immediate search results yielded a smattering of So Cal sex therapists (e.g., “Naughty Lifestyle Expert” Sienna Sinclaire), and stories about a San Diego Chargers security guard who was recently filmed masturbating in front of the team’s cheerleading squad.

The second page of search results, though, revealed exactly what I was looking for: Masturbation coach Ed Ehrgott, the middle-aged, dual-nipple-ringed owner of Sacred Touch for Men who asks on his website, “Could your solo sexual practice use some juice?

Ed claims the key to lasting longer is learning how to better manipulate your erotic energy, which most men are ashamed of. “Sure, we’ll use sex and eroticism to sell things, and there’s porn, but that’s not an accurate reflection of sexuality.

My masturbation coach will be expecting answers to these questions. I’d heard about the female equivalent on years ago and thought of it again recently, after which I Googled “male masturbation coach in California” to see if such a thing existed.

And I’ve resolved to cultivate a number of self-care practices in 2017; in addition to enhancing my wank, I’m exfoliating and trying to drink eight cups of water a day.

My search also turned up two of the other male masturbation coaches on the planet — Bruce P.

Coaching Europeans presents unique challenges and opportunities, he says.

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“Most men in Europe are uncircumcised and lose a lot of pleasure by not masturbating effectively.At least if you’re masturbating , as I’m attempting to do on this massage table.