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He'd sent word to him after they'd arrived but it was still quite a trip from Is'arain when not using a Warp room. Right after he'd arrived he'd asked Zalen for a permanent leave of his duties as he'd been contacted by his niece.

There'd been some family matters that needed his presence.

Zalen's eyes went wide as Vivariel's gift suddenly kicked in and he realized just where she was looking. Or should I call you Your Holiness or something now? "Back when you arrived in As'arain one of your wives came to talk with me." "... A week ago I would have just said no, but after watching you and Kity go at it in that Lion's den..." Coryel paused, then leaned forward, slowly crawling towards Zalen on all fours. By the time they got to the back alley Coryel had managed to slip the clothes and the staff into her magical Bag of Loot, leaving her hands again free.

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