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It is in the Lodges of Freemasons that the Minervals are found, and there they are prepared for Illumination.

They must have previously obtained the three English degrees. In France the Knights [Templar] who left the Order, henceforth hidden, and so to speak unknown, formed the Order of the Flaming Star and of the Rose-Croix, which in the fifteenth century spread itself in Bohemia and Silesia.

Documents available in France today contend that an Order of the Rosy Cross was founded in 1188 by a pre-Masonic Templar named Jean de Gisors, vassal of English King Henry II and the first independent grand master of the Order of Sion.

The Order of the Illuminati appears as an accessory to Freemasonry.

I learned to go even further, and observe the many clock towers, statues, fountains, murals, floors and obelisks, etc, which exist in major towns and cities.

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Around 1530, more than eighty years before the publication of the first manifesto, the association of cross and rose already existed in Portugal in the Convent of the Order of Christ, home of the Knights Templar, later renamed Order of Christ.As to the power of secret societies, we must accept that it is considerable.After doing nearly thirty years of research into these matters, I realized the extent of their sociopolitical power.Clearly the Rosicrucians served as yet one more cover society behind which cunning, far-seeing Templars managed to conceal themselves. In Greek mythology the god of beauty, Adonis, was transformed into a rose by the goddess Venus. In this instance the rose symbolizes the power of the female goddess over the male acolyte who sacrificially offers his phallus (and sometimes his life) to her.

The symbol of the red cross was bestowed on the Templars by Pope Eugenius III, but the symbol predates modern times. It was in twelfth century, during the reign of King Stephen, that the Templar red cross first appeared as the chief heraldic emblem of England.Highly financed movies are made to communicate to us on a non-verbal level.

Casting director Russell Boast, who heads the Casting Society of America's Diversity and Inclusion Committee, says film is catching up to depictions that are already common on television — where Kerry Washington's "People use the term 'colorblind casting,' but this kind of coupling is just more accepted and not a plot point anymore.… continue reading »

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No other scientific method has managed to revolutionize man’s understanding not only of his present but also of events that already happened thousands of years ago.… continue reading »

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