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18-Oct-2017 16:37

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Not all teens sext, but for those who do, their experiences are very different.Even when there is consent, trust and respect between people who decide to sext, it’s hard to be completely sure a sexual message will be private.New research shows that approximately 20-30 percent of teens have sent and/or received a sext.

To top it off, of those who reported receiving a sext, well over 25 percent said that they had forwarded it to someone else. Sadly a third of the teens stated that they didn't think about the legal ramifications or consequences of their actions. Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch found teens who "sext" may be more likely to engage in sexual behaviors. Sex creates curiosity, which leads to exploration and experimentation—especially with teens.

If you sext, it’s important to feel comfortable — you should not feel pressured into it.

Some of the reasons people may choose to sext are: The survey found that 28% of young people who had sent sexual messages felt pressured into it.

Engaging in sexting is a dangerous activity for teens!

It can have adverse side effects and the consequences can be life-long.

Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexual photos or sexually suggestive messages through text message or email.