Adult with cri du chat

17-Aug-2017 18:28

Patterson stabbed Hamilton police dog handler Bruce Howatt in 1983.He was sentenced to 18 months for causing grievous bodily harm.

Gillespie also supported the registering of all weapons so they could be tracked.

I don't think so because they would use a truck or a knife."Friends and family of Patterson have described a man suffering from depression.

Patterson's sister Gloria said he was not in a fit mental state."I knew that he wasn't in a good place but I didn't know that he would do what he did.

He had applied for a firearms license, which Police rejected.

Police did not respond to media questions on whether Patterson was ever investigated for firing guns or possessing firearms.Waikato University professor Alexander Gillespie – who is among those calling for tougher rules – said it was lucky Patterson only killed two people."Had he decided to have his bad day in the middle of Whangarei as opposed to [his property] you could be looking at a death toll of dozens."Patterson shot Wendy Campbell and her daughter Natanya dead, and injured contractor Jeff Pipe, before he himself died as the house went up in flames.