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09-Jul-2017 13:48

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If you are with your girl and then you both score a really great chick and you give her 80% of the attention, or your girl just knows you are very attracted to her, that doesn’t play well.

She can’t have respect for herself, love you, and be cool with that…and how sustainable is this, what happens when you guys get a little older? You either have to be a cold motherfucka who doesn’t care, or you will get bogged down in the stresses of managing this complicated situation.

Even when I did find beautiful English girls, they were often a real pain to spend time with.

So if Russian or Swedish or Brazilian girls are much more fun, I guess I should be spending time with them right?

At that point, I really looked at things and couldn’t face going back into the club scene full time.

I had a few options: Fashion photographer, model agency booker, (or even a strip club barman ;-)) these kinds of guys have an endless supply of hot girls in front of them.

After being spoiled by the high end clubs, trawling through regular bars and pubs and clubs for the one diamond in the rough is no fun…so you don’t do it. It was cool and all, but 90% of it happened after 3am, with a girl who I knew was not going to be a girl that I’d like to date, which kind of took the edge off the experience.

Of course, when it comes to happiness, I was a million times happier than back in the day when I had no girls.

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The problem was that I’d met a lot of characters over the years who had unlimited access to women, they were guys like: So I realised that a lifestyle that feeds you girls and makes it too easy is not the way.

We got to know every member of staff from the door guy to the toilet guy to the barmen to the waiters.

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For instance, this Danish poet I’ve been fucking—he’s so interesting and smart, he’s 6-foot-4, but he has these sideburns . “The general attitude used to be, ‘Online dating is for weirdos and losers,’ and now it’s, ‘Eww, who would try to hook up in a bar?… continue reading »

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