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PHS was the second highest ranked publicly funded school, with a total of 31 students matriculating to those schools. Students attend 35 minute class periods, and homeroom and break periods are not shortened.Short Wednesdays exist to permit the operation of the mandatory freshmen Peer Group program between and .This period of time is also used for community service group meetings for sophomores, other extracurricular activities, and school-wide events such as pep rallies, the Fall Festival, and Spring Fling.The school days are assigned letter labels, cycling from A through G.Princeton High is located between Moore Street and Walnut Lane.The district middle school, John Witherspoon Middle School, is located across from the high school athletic fields on Walnut Lane.Another variant is taking a show with characters that were elementary or lower grammar school age and transplanting them to a high school setting.A less common variant are the characters being portrayed as teachers rather than students.

This works better with storylines that are effectively independent of the setting.

Additionally, the High School Program at Princeton University permits qualified juniors and seniors to take free courses at Princeton University if they have exhausted all high school course alternatives within a discipline, receiving only high school credit for any university courses successfully completed.