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Floaters are harmless, but if they start to have a real impact on sight, they can be rectified with a vitrectomy.Normally performed under a general anaesthetic, this replaces the vitrous jelly with saline solution. If the occasional floater turns into a sudden 'cobweb' of squiggles, especially with associated flashes, or one single, large floater that won't disappear.

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'If you stare at a n very bright light, such as the sun or a welding torch, for long enough, those images can burn into your retina, damaging your long- term sight , ' says Mr Constantine-Smith.

But when people start losing their sight - most commonly due to age- related macular degeneration or sometimes glaucoma - their brains don't receive as many pictures and new fantasy pictures or old pictures stored in our brains are released and experienced as real objects.

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