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11-Oct-2017 08:34

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If you kind of liked the idea behind viral sensation Bang With Friends, the controversial Facebook app that lets you privately nominate friends you want to hook up with, but balked at the idea of using an app that’s all about – but the app is similar in spirit. Like Bang With Friends, the app works on top of Facebook, allowing users to privately indicate their interest in their Facebook friends or friends of friends using one or more simple icons that express how they feel.

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But here’s the promising metric: of that original user base, 60 percent returned the following month to the site to Right now, the idea is to see if the app can go big, not worry about the revenue. But if things work out, there’s room for monetization options like charging users to see matches, working with partners on offers for date night, automatically resetting intentions monthly for a small fee, and more.Sexual harassment and office-inappropriate rules don't apply to women. Men would never be able to act this way in the office. At the office, they just want to sit on their fat bums and gossip all day, and then cry "sexist" when they don't get promoted. Most women have no curiosity about the world..curiosity about science, politics, geography..only care about who's dating who, and dumb boring gossip.