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24-Jun-2017 04:26

My mother and father had gone to attend one of their friends daughter wedding in Bangalore.

She had come home that day to see my mother , it was a sunday and i was just getting up from my bed and with laziness i opened the door and she was there , she was wearing a saree. Usually when my parents go out of station , i have my breakfast lunch and dinner in nearby hotels .

At this point Sitara had a smile on her face was telling me that it seems like someone has woken up and by saying that she removed my hand . Sitara took some liquid sop gel in her hand and started to apply on my genetials and also on my pecker , she slowly moved my foreskin up and down.

She momentarily too her hand and looked at me and asked me how did it feel ,and i didn’t know what ot answer and my knee was becoming weaker .

She smiled and said that i should eating more healthy food.

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Sitara was in the kitchen preparing food and asked me to give the used clothes for laundry.She then rubbed with liquid gel all over me and i was really not comfortable and turned around and face the wall again with my hands on the wall.

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