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19-Nov-2017 16:38

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stumbles upon an ancient ship that escaped 20th-century Earth during the Eugenics War.

The passengers are genetically engineered humans who have been asleep for 200 years, but they awake still assured of their own superiority.

But even at its worst, is a blissful, adventurous, and often exhilarating series.

It broke new ground on subjects that other shows rarely ever delved into deeply — war, racism, the issues with eugenics.

Other important characters include: Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), a half-Betazoid, half-human counselor with telepathic abilities and an obsession with chocolate; Geordi La Forge (Le Var Burton), the chief engineer whose friendship with Data is one of my favorite aspects of the series; and Dr.

Beverly Crusher (Gates Mc Fadden), the chief medical officer, who has a history with Picard and a warmth I’ve always admired.

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To put it simply, the Federation is a republic composed of various planetary governments who have agreed to live semiautonomously under a central body that guides their primary goals: a grand sense of intellectual curiosity and peaceful exploration. Starfleet Starfleet is the defense and deep-exploration service maintained by the Federation.

Making the legal proceedings all the more impactful on an emotional level is the fact that Riker is forced to work on the opposing counsel.

The pleasures of this show are truly endless, and Data’s arc provides excelled at high-concept episodes that unfurl into something different, and stranger, as revelations come to light. Beverly Crusher as she struggles with her fear over losing loved ones.

This fear is magnified when beloved colleagues start disappearing on the ship, and only Beverly retains any memory of them. Characters from older series make appearances elsewhere, shining a light on the surprising familial quality of the franchise.

“Relics” is one of the best examples of this, with Scotty from I won’t say much about “Best of Both Worlds Part I and II” since the twists these episodes take are simply astounding and quite an emotional gut punch.By the early 22nd century, humanity was able to eliminate most, if not all, of the poverty, disease, hunger, and cruelty that has plagued us since our beginnings.

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