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moves on either its left or right side; in this image the surface facing the viewer is the left side.

Fluorescent proteins can also be used to study developmental processes, screen for mutants affecting cell development and function, isolate cells, and characterize protein interactions viewed through the dissecting microscope. Tracks in the plate indicate where animals have traveled on the bacterial lawn.Third, the animal's small size means that many can be grown in a small space.Fourth, animals can be grown at temperatures ranging from 12° to 25°; their Q for growth is ~2 (that is, an increase of 10° speeds up growth twofold).A compound or confocal microscope allows observation at much finer resolution (Figure 1C), permitting researchers to perform experiments that address questions related to cell development and function at single-cell resolution.

Because is transparent, individual cells and subcellular details are easily visualized using Nomarski (differential interference contrast, DIC) optics (Figure 1C).Whenever healthy, growing animals are needed, a piece of the agar from the old plate can be transferred to a new plate with bacteria.