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Also: dorp is a word adopted into South African English, and the plural is dorps. Tracks Saharan dust, ocean salt and forest fire smoke blown around from August to October this year. And you don't really need the audio although some of the commentary is mildly interesting. Dutch satirical mag de Speld has 'Continental Realignment' map.

Finse meren = Finnish lakes Azi-Giessendam: Giessendam is a tiny town Bloed op Zand = Blood on Sand (there's a Dutch town called Loon op Zand) Zuid/Noord = South/North I love how North Antarctica is all around South Antarctica.

Pittsburgh is too hilly and irregularly shaped for a grid to last very long anywhere, but it does have various sections that are grids.

They also tried to do some numbered streets, so you can infer the direction of a numbered street or avenue if you find one of the other ones.

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Looks like you also made it up Baldwin Street I really love the scenery of the of the south island, I would have loved to ride it with you Ken, unfortunately I was one year to early in New Zealand for it.We will have two more of these seminars on Lab VIEW and have robo RIO giveaways from National Instruments and trivia with prizes from Andy Mark coming in 2018 so stay tuned!looking to name a horse ranch with something funny or ironic, like a play on words.When I drove I had to wait an hour at the border until they realised this dumb Engelsman wasn't going to give them a bribe, and go quite slowly through the towns full of goats, cattle and donkeys (on the South African side.

Botswana side is better organised, and, as you point out, not much distance from the border).Trust me, it doesnt go over well in the delivery room.