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Such interpretation is based upon Canticles 2:3, 'As the apple tree among the trees of wood, so is My beloved among the sons. One says that the Cross was made from the aspen, and that, when the tree realized the purpose for which it was being used, leaves began to tremble with horror and have never ceased.I sat down under His shadow with great delight, and His fruit was sweet to My palate.' This passage is interpreted as referring to Christ. Another is that, when Christ died on the Cross, all the trees bowed in sorrow except the aspen.Here are two images, one a drawing, the other a close-up photo; in the first one can see the three-form leaf.APPLE: In Latin, the word for apple and the word for evil, , are identical.Hence tradition has it that the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, the fruit of which Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat, was an apple tree [Genesis 3:3].In pictures of the tempting of Eve by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, Eve is generally shown with an apple her hand, offering it to Adam.As Christ is the new Adam, so, in tradition, the Virgin Mary is considered to be the new Eve, and, for this reason, an apple placed in the hands of Mary is also considered an allusion to salvation. Because of its pride and arrogance the leaves of the aspen were doomed to continual trembling.

From this custom, the pink has become a symbol of marriage.

It symbolizes wickedness invading the good field of the Church.

'Let thistles grow up to me instead of wheat, and thorns instead of barley' [Job ].

This explanation is seen in Job , 'Can the rush be green without moisture? ' Also, since the infant Moses [and Moses is taken as forerunner of Christ] was found in the bulrushes, they have come to be connected with the place from whence salvation came.

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CARNATION: The red carnation is a symbol of pure love.COLUMBINE: The form of this flower is compared to a white dove, and, for this reason, columbine has been used to symbolize the Holy Ghost.