Android r class not updating

25-Jul-2017 02:37

I've got notify Data Set Changed() but this doesn't seem to do anything. I've got an Async Loader that gets the list data from an api and then updates the adapter on Load Finished().

I then try and filter the list once the Loader has finished populating the list.

Data is not Updating in the Fire Base It keeps Loading for long time but not Updating(Android App) In One Screen I Kept One Image Button which it Selects From Gallery An Remaining two are Edit Text Buttons One is Title Field and another One is Description Field then after clicking Post Button it should post the image along with title, Description field but after clicking on Post it Continuously Loading with out posting import

Firebase User; import Data Snapshot; import Database Error; import Database Reference; import Firebase Database; import Value Event Listener; import Firebase Storage; import Storage Reference; import

I've got a list view that I'm trying to filter depending on which button the user clicks.

The filter is working, I'm getting the results I expect inside the publish Results method but the list is then never updating.

If I remove()the last item and then add a new one, I won't see the new item, but insteadwhatever used to be the last item before I deleted it.

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I had this same issue and - using intellij IDE - right clicked on the res file and hit 'Force regenerate R'.

I do not know whether clean and build performs the same job or not.everytime i cleaned it , Clean is working because it BUILD the project after cleaning.