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“I reached a point in my career where it didn’t feel like this has to work.

I was at the point where this is something that I want to do so it wouldn’t make a difference in my life if people didn’t like it.” The name Alekesam is Masekela spelt backwards.

For most celebs taking part in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, the hardest part is simply avoiding the occasional typo or troll.

But actors Adam Scott and Elizabeth Banks agreed to do their AMAs in hard mode.

The band’s music has been featured on the hit TV shows Entourage and House of Lies.“I was visiting my dad in California when I was a kid. and he said ‘look at it closely’ [mimicking his dad’s voice], ‘it’s your name backwards. It’s no surprise that Masekela developed a knack for entertainment considering that, as a youngster, he got opportunities to tour the world with his father, and work with him on the historical Graceland tour.

“I went on tour with him and Paul Simon and was heavily influenced by that.

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They are a second-generation musical amalgamation as the sons of Bra Hugh and Stewart Levine, who has produced music for Bra Hugh for most of his career. “I never forgot that moment, so when I was working on an album, I didn’t want it to be, ‘Sal Masekela is making music’, so Alekesam just made sense.”, which takes viewers all over the globe to explore people, politics and culture through sport.Masekela’s time in America saw him earn a number one hit with in 1968, and Sal was born a few years later in 1971.Masekela left America – and Sal – to return to South Africa, where he would continue to play an important role in the struggle for freedom.Answers were then typed into Reddit as transcribed responses, with links to the You Tube time stamp when the question was answered.

(You can read Scott’s AMA here and Banks’ here.)Calling its AMA-in-motion stunt “Think Faster,” Audi says it’s the first automotive brand with a Reddit account and that this was the first AMA series hosted by a brand’s account.“‘Think Faster’ in collaboration with Reddit brings several firsts to both our brand and the social platform,” said Loren Angelo, vp of marketing for Audi of America.My dad took me out of school for three months and I worked as a roadie at 15.“My earliest memories are of being four or five years old and being in jazz clubs with my dad and watching him perform, and him taking me out of school or on holidays, going on the road. My dad has always been into everything, whether it’s traditional jazz music or rock music – if it was great music, we were listening to it.”Masekela says the first time he went to an Afropunk Festival, he remembers being excited about performing his music with his father in the crowd for the first time.