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I would be able to design robotics and cybernetic systems – the wave of the future. After one year of study with decent marks, I began to see two major classes of students.

The first category of student turned up to few lectures, partied every weekend, enjoyed a great social life, and did minimal work to pass courses.

The smartest were generally not very popular because they had poor social skills. You may think, “But I know someone who is smart and great with people.” Good. Intelligence and people skills are not mutually exclusive characteristics.

Having one does not mean you cannot have the other.

After discovering his B, Jason took a butcher knife to school then stabbed his physics teacher before being reprimanded in a struggle.

Two years following the incident in a article, it was reported Jason raised his grade average to 4.614 (exceeding the perfect average of 4) by taking advanced courses and graduated with highest honors. Jason got better than perfect grades and still emotionally lost himself by trying to wound or kill his teacher.

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His physics teacher gave Jason a B, a mark Jason believed would undermine his entrance to Harvard.But I’ve observed smart people with poor communication skills make common mistakes in their communication. I graduated high school with the highest marks of my year level.I began a degree in Engineering, majoring in Mechatronics, an area of study that integrates mechanics, electronics, and computing.n October 23, 1990, David Pologruto, a high school physics teacher, was stabbed by his smart student Jason Haffizulla.

Jason was not a teenager you think would try to kill someone.Do the same for students you ranked in the popularity category.