Are kimberly mccullough and jason thompson dating

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was engaged in a torrid affair with Ned's lover, Julia Barrett, who sold her shares in the hotel to her boy-toy before leaving town. J was in a car accident with Alan while driving drunk. Carly was living with Tony Jones, who had left his wife for Carly.

moved out of the Quartermaine mansion and into an apartment across the hall from co-worker and friend, Carly Roberts.

(off and on over the years) Brief stint as a forklift driver Formerly "Vice President in Charge of Paper Clips" Owned a football team Worked at the hospital gym Former Port Charles Hotel desk clerk Former General Hospital orderly Alan Quartermaine (father; deceased) Monica Bard (mother) Jason Morgan (adoptive brother/paternal half-brother; presumed deceased) Skye Chandler Quartermaine (adoptive sister) Emily Bowen Quartermaine (adoptive sister; deceased) Dawn Winthrop (maternal half-sister; deceased) Edward Quartermaine (paternal grandfather; deceased) Lila Morgan (paternal grandmother; deceased) George Quartermaine (paternal great-grandfather; deceased) Ida Zemlock (paternal great-grandmother; deceased) Harold Morgan (paternal great-grandfather; deceased) Tracy Quartermaine (paternal aunt) Jimmy Lee Holt (paternal half-uncle) Bradley Ward (paternal half-uncle; deceased) Justus Ward (paternal cousin; deceased) Edward "Ned" Ashton (paternal cousin) Dillon Quartermaine (paternal cousin) Herbert Quartermaine (paternal great-uncle) Alexandria Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed) Quentin Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed) Celia Quartermaine (paternal first cousin twice removed) Jacob Martin Spencer (nephewd) Daniel Edward Morgan (nephew) Nancy Eckert (affair; deceased) Nikki Langton (dated) Julia Barrett (affair) Keesha Ward (dated) Hannah Scott (dated) Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks (one-night stand) Lydia Karenin (lovers) Courtney Matthews (lovers) Kate Howard (as her alternate personality Connie Falconeri; kissed) Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks (one-night stand) Elizabeth Webber (lovers) Arrested for drunk driving several times Loan shark operation in college Hired someone to beat up Nancy Eckert to keep her quiet about his misdeeds Responsible for the car accident that left Jason brain-damaged [1996] Had Jason and Sonny's warehouse torched [Feb 2001] Blackmailed Skye into helping him try to regain custody of Michael [2001] Pursued a relationship and marriage with Courtney Matthews, Sonny's half-sister to try to get custody of Michael [Jan 2002] Drove drunk and crashed into the Oasis, a strip club [Jul 2002] Torched the Oasis after finding out that Courtney was stripping there in order to keep the owner quiet about A. being the one who plowed into the club with his car [Aug 2002] Hired Coleman to stalk Courtney [Sep-Oct 2002] Hired a private investigator to follow Courtney [Jan 2003] Set the gatehouse on fire as part of a plan to give Edward custody of baby Kristina [Mar 24, 2003] Teamed up with Skye to kidnap baby Kristina [Mar 31, 2003] Brought an intoxicated Janine Matthews to Courtney's wedding shower to cause problems [May 30, 2003] Bribery; paid Janine to convince her daughter, Courtney, not to marry Jason [Jun 2, 2003] Attended an illegal auction; was present while Luke was auctioning off the Dead-Man's Hand [Oct 31, 2003] Stole the Quartermaine fortune and fled the country [Dec 11, 2003] Falsified divorce documents to render them invalid Assaulted his brother Jason Morgan Hired Faith Roscoe to kidnap Michael, Morgan, and Kristina Staged Michael's death Shot and wounded his father Alan Attempted murder of his brother Jason Revealed after A. Asher Thomas to kill Jason in 1996 while Jason was in coma Blackmailed Dr. He was also caught up in a scandalous affair with an older woman named Nancy Eckert, which led Lila, his beloved grandmother, cutting off his inheritance.

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Carly did carry on an affair with Jason, but one night she spotted him in Kelly's with young Elizabeth Webber. learned that Carly was pregnant, he assumed that is was Jason's baby. Carly moved out of the mansion, but returned one night where she encountered a drunken A.

Afterwards, Sonny adopted Michael and then renamed him Michael Corinthos III. He shamelessly pursued Hannah Scott, the only person who seemed to care about him, even though she was dating Marcus Taggert. realize how important family was, so he moved back into the mansion.