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There are three Gimp moments of interest in this one.The first has a blond victim in a full nude, nailed crucifixion.Yik Yakker wrote: Getting back to the subject of Lindsay Lohan (who has also experimented with the plumped-up lips look), what do you all make of this? OMG, she looks like a guy.....I realized it was a commercial.;-) And wrote of the MOW2 review: ...those glistening, stretched-out babes are just what I like to see in a movie.The story takes up from the opening sequence with Jessica Lowndes I mentioned above, who ends up getting murdered by her father before her 18th birthday.

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Stolen material is everywhere on the net but it's not going to be here. Hiccup: It seems the Doc has plans to attach people from mouth to anus and create a human centipede.That's just the thing I was thinking when I was checking out the stills in Fritz's review.