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With no additional parameters, this command will attempt to automatically locate the required components and libraries needed to build the Post GIS source code on your system. Although this is the most common usage of , the script accepts several parameters for those who have the required libraries and programs in non-standard locations. In many cases compilation is only necessary if you want the most bleeding edge versions or you are a package maintainer. This section includes general compilation instructions, if you are compiling for Windows etc or another OS, you may find additional more detailed help at Post GIS User contributed compile guides and Post GIS Dev Wiki. cd postgis_sfcgal make clean make make install cd ..

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For Post GIS 2.2, you can use the more cross-platform approach of setting the corresponding Section8.2, “Post GIS Grand Unified Custom Variables (GUCs)”. Using the extension enable process is preferred and more user-friendly. To spatially enable your database:psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis;" psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;" -- if you built with sfcgal support -- psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis_sfcgal;" -- if you want to install tiger geocoder -- psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION fuzzystrmatch" psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis_tiger_geocoder;" -- if you installed with pcre -- you should have address standardizer extension as well psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION address_standardizer;" Please refer to Section2.4.3, “Building Post GIS Extensions and Deploying them” for more details about querying installed/available extensions and upgrading extensions, or switching from a non-extension install to an extension install. cd extensions cd postgis make clean make make install cd ..

cd postgis_topology make clean make make install cd ..

The postgis_and other package comments files raster_comments.sql, topology_are also packaged in the distribution in the doc folder so no need to make comments if installing from the tar ball.

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