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Men discovered that by removing from the nest eggs that they did not wish to have hatch (or that they simply wished to eat), they could induce the female jungle fowl to lay additional eggs and, indeed, to continue to lay eggs throught an extended laying season." ---The Chicken Book, Page Smith and Charles Daniel [University of Georgia Press: Athens] 1975 (p. The Romans found egg-laying hens in England, Gaul, and among the Germans.

Others have decided eggs are filthy food which must avoided. "It is likely that female game birds were, at some time in the early history of man, perceived as a source both of meat and of eggs. Record from China and Egypt show that fowl were domesticated and laying eggs for human consumption around 1400 B. E., and there is archaeoligical evidence for egg consumption dating back to the Neolithic age.

Kiple and Kriemhild Conee Ornelas [Cambridge University Press: Cambridge] 2000, Volume One (p.

499) When did people start using eggs in baking and why?

This does not mean that they were not so eaten; it could simply indicate that they were not thought interesting enough for special mention." ---History of Food, Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat, translated by Anthea Bell [Barnes & Noble Books: New York] 1992 (p.

Other eggs consumed by various ethnic groups include those from plovers, partridges, gulls, turkeys, pelicans, ducks, and geese.

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