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01-Oct-2017 14:49

Initially, Black Planet started as a dating site, but quickly evolved into a broader social networking site where Black people - no matter their age - could come and connect.After its launch, Black Planet quickly boomed and spread, largely by word of mouth.For all the embarrassing pictures and banners, it was a place for us by us.★★★★★ Join to find and make new friends on Black Planet, the largest Black community online. Meet new people, chat and discuss on the Black Planet. Socialize and meet new men and women for friendship, networking and dating.Black Planet was a place where Black folks on the internet could come together and be ourselves.Black Planet started in 1999, in the early days of the internet and social networking.I hope this scam can be stopped out of Nigeria, Lagos State in Africa.If not stopped put under controlled, because I have a feeling he would make someone else his victim.

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For those of us who had a Black Planet page, the cheesy banners, the embarrassing bios and the less than stellar profile photos are remnants of a time when life and social media was simpler.

Hi I am a member of My nick name is jessismiles I do not understand why I was banned when i try to log on this is what it says I became a member to make friends and have good decent conversations and to share interests and listen to music and chat also my photo was stolen and someone else try to use it as well as my nick name I think this is not right please do something about it.