Dating an unattractive guy

03-Aug-2017 21:21

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He expects the same from others and he doesn’t settle for second class behavior such as flaking, or cancellations with short notice for no good reason.

A classy guy doesn’t walk around bitching and complaining about how difficult his life is and how many unique challenges he is facing.

Moderation doesn’t mean being boring or lacking in sense of adventure. Arrogance, chest beating and bragging, and being classy simply don’t go together.

The most vivid example of how being flashy kills any class is the hip hop culture, where the stars show off their cars, jewelry and are otherwise being laughable despite their huge bank accounts.

The best women out there are impressed by guys who are eloquent, articular and know how to express themselves in writing.

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However, all things equal, a degree from a known school is likely to add to who you are.

However, more often than not, an attempt at peacocking would make a guy look more like a clown than anything else.

Some might discount the importance of book smarts, but there is a correlation between having a higher academic education and being more classy.

Too many muscles, tattoos, piercings, hair / skin product, and too much of anything will make a guy as trashy as the girl who would do the same.

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It has been suggested in the PUA community that peacocking is one effective way to show confidence and to attract women.

He doesn’t think that his boss and his co-workers, his friends and everyone else has conspired against him to make his life miserable.

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