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27-Oct-2017 08:40

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Sometimes it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without smartphones.Seriously, how did we prove we were right in an argument without being able to Google on demand?Mandela’s legacy is still felt today: when he was elected in 1994, he was the first black president of South Africa and he worked to undo the historic effects of apartheid in the country.

Luckily, since the first generation i Phone came out in 2007, we’ve had all the answers at our fingertips.The overall top search term this year was Chatroulette, an online chat website, which seems bizarre now as we barely ever hear about it any more.If you still have Baby stuck in your head, we’re about to replace it with another irritatingly catchy song. This song can’t exactly be called the most groundbreaking in pop history – in fact it was pretty juvenile – but then Rebecca was just 13 when it was released.One of the fastest rising search terms this year was Beijing 2008.

In case your memory isn’t up to scratch, this is because the Summer Olympics were hosted in China’s capital this year, and the year Kenny Egan won silver for Ireland.Adele was the most Googled music artist in this year, thanks to the release of her third studio album 25.

It was now possible to assign a calendar date to archaeological sites in the American southwest for over 1000 years.… continue reading »

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Of course, we’re not saying people should stop using dating sites, which can be a great way to connect with people.… continue reading »

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The online hostesses are a mix between experienced career cammers and newcomers who are trying to get a break.… continue reading »

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