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This annual festival delivers cream of the crop in Rock ‘n Roll, Trash, Punk, Blues and Roots music.

Other names on the impressive bill are Zeke, Nekromatix, Batmobile, The Monsters, Death Alley and many many more! A cool relaxed festival in the south of Holland where you can find us with great bands like The Boogie Beasts, Dawn Brothers, Grand East and Shaking Godspeed. And also The Soul Of A Clown gave the album some serious credits.

Alternative rootsrocktrio T-99 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) have belonged to the top of the European roots scene for over fifteen years now.

With their eclectic mix of rock ‘n’ roll, blues, country, surf, and soul they have toured all over Europe since 1999.

After their stunning debut ((2007) T-99 created their ‘dirty down and out’ masterpiece."I am convinced that a situation like that would not happen if we were a heterosexual couple," she said.