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Flexible body assemblies exhibit an additional source of variation, such as the deformation of the components due to assembly forces or temperature loading during manufacturing.Flexible assemblies, composed of slender parts or sheet metal components can deform substantially from their nominal geometric shape.From the investigation, the main conclusion is the FES propeller blades destroy the laminar flow and this causes the drag increase.The topic of the work is to evaluate the energetic cost of non-conventional launch systems dedicated for small satellites.The impact area on the ground is evaluated both in a deterministic way – which depends on vehicle dimensions and kinetic energy – and in a statistical way – where uncertainties of the navigation parameters (position and velocity) are introduced.The impact areas are then related to vehicle failure rate and to a real population density map, resulting in a reliable risk evaluation.Once the relation between the nominal vehicle trajectory and corresponding risk level is defined, a suitable multi-objective optimization process is developed, searching for the optimum solutions that minimize path length and risk, the latter being constrained below a prescribed maximum admissible value.

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The Front Electric Sustainer (FES) has nowadays numerous installations on single seat gliders.

Most common use is as sustainer, but recently gliders of new FAI 13.50m class can take off with it, enhancing the potentiality of this light glider.

The simplicity of use is evident, but the most requiring pilots are aware about the performance decay due to the propeller on glider nose.

Simulation-driven design and process automation are key enablers to speed up engineering design processes and improve the quality of the final design.

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This paper presents an integrated multi-disciplinary simulation framework developed within Rolls-Royce for preliminary structural design of aero engines.In recent years the use of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) rapidly expanded from mainly military and research applications to a very wide range of applications in civil activities.