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The spade is also known in the Tarot as the sword - a symbol of war.

The symbol could represent a heart with a spike in it, a severed head on a spike, a cowled head, an evergreen yew, or a dead leaf - all emblems of Death.

What do we know about the ace of spades in Vietnam?

Did it truly terrify the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army regulars and leave them trembling in fear? The answers would seem to be a resounding "no." In fact, some intelligence studies indicate that the Vietnamese had no concept that the ace of spades represented death.

Two aces of spades symbols were hand-fabricated from metal and placed on the motorcycle. stated that the ace of spades was a symbol of good luck among American soldiers.

He was wrong of course, but the bike was a fitting tribute to veterans and his heart was certainly in the right place.

A band by the name of The Quakes produced an album in 2006 entitled PSYOPS.

Inside, they depicted nine images of Death Cards which came from this article.

The Ace of Spades stands for the first week of winter, beginning 21 December.

Turkus also mentions Salvatore Marinzano, an early Cosa Nostra crime boss who was assassinated by a younger faction led by Lucky Luciano.

When Marazano was killed, he had an Ace of Diamonds in his hand.

The above Gun truck was a 5-ton M54 cargo truck converted by soldiers.

Double-walled steel plating surrounds the outside of the truck, which is equipped with four .50-caliber machine guns, two M-60 machine guns and an M-79 grenade launcher.

In 2010 a self-proclaimed witch wrote to me from Britain with a historical explanation.