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29-Oct-2017 10:20

I almost asked her if she was enjoying her ass filled with cum, but I behaved myself.I wanted to put her in her place, but now wasn't the right time."Don't worry, my pet, I am planning to play with you a lot," Breanna smiled, squeezing my hand."Now go seduce your son." "Yes, Mistress," I whispered, the idea of seducing my son getting me even wetter. I chatted with Jane a bit, who treated me with the same vague contempt she usually did.Realizing it was the perfect moment to start my task of seduction, I replied, "I had a plateful. I may have to get the recipe; I could eat it all day long." His smirk was adorable as his face went red at my seemingly accidental innuendo. "Plus Breanna says nylons make a statement." "What kind of statement? My legs are so white." "Your legs are perfect, Mom," he complimented.

A couple of minutes later, Eleanor returned looking humiliated and awkward, her pantyhose clearly wet. A few minutes later, we were chatting when I said, "I never saw Zelda here." "That is where Joey is off too right now," Breanna said, before adding, "She has to be at the airport in an hour and he is going to give her a goodbye bang." "Goodbye bang, really? "His plans for her are pretty devious too," Breanna smiled. " I asked, curious what more sexual depravity my son had left."No way," I said, still not able to comprehend just how sick and twisted my son was. Breanna went to get us more drinks just as Joey, seeing me, walked over and gave a strange look as he saw my altered outfit. We chatted and joked like we usually did until I saw my son walking back to the party."Did dad have the birds and the bees talk with you before he passed, honey? "Well if you ever need to know more let me know," I said. I stretched my arms, letting my breasts be outlined perfectly for my son to stare at.

" I asked, after another brief lull in the conversation. He took the opportunity as his cock flinched under my leg.I was offering to make one of his fantasies come true.