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27-Oct-2017 18:18

Have a happy, cheerful face and a genuinely happy smile and you’ll do wonders. Just like a good sense of humor, knowing how to speak to a woman is a trait that all women look for in a man.

Be pleasant, speak smoothly in a low tone and show genuine interest in the woman while speaking to her.

[Poll: What guys find most attractive in a girl] If you’re single and waiting for the woman of your dreams, here are a few things that can help you attract her effortlessly. But for everything else, there are just 15 things that separate a great guy from the mere mortals.

Understand these 15 tips and you can become a better man.

[Read: How to be chivalrous with a woman] #13 An alpha male.

The best women are always in the arms of the best men.

You may have noticed this already, but there are always just one or two guys in a big group of guys who date the sexiest women while other guys sit wide eyed and hear their success stories in awe. Indulge in a pleasant conversation and ensure that she feels involved and excited to talk to you.

Groom yourself well with quality man products and complex perfumes that smells great on you. As hard as this may seem, be the man who can put someone else in place when they overstep the line or misbehave with you. A charming personality is everything, but yet it’s not something most men have.You’ll notice the difference as soon as you use these tips on what women look for in a man.[Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women] #1 Good grooming. You never know when you’d bump into the woman of your dreams.She may like you, but she may not be willing to date you for her own reasons of compatibility.

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[Read: How to think like a woman and get the girl] If you want to avoid this, be pleasant and genuine, and most of all, focus on her interests and learn about her likes and dislikes while talking to her so you know the right things to say at the right time.

When you work out, you look healthier and radiant, and clothes look oh-so-sexy on you. It takes less than a minute for a girl to know if a guy has a good sense of humor while having a conversation with him. All girls know that a guy with a great sense of humor can be a lot of fun over dates or phone calls.