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The teaching of geocentricity can be traced in western thought at least back to Aristotle (384-322 B. Aristotle argued, for example, that the reason why all bodies fall to the ground is because they seek their natural place at the center of the universe which coincides with the center of the earth. Ptolemy's model envisioned each planet moving in a small circle, the center of which moved along a large circular orbit about the earth.Copernicus' heliocentric model, because it used circles to describe the orbits of the planets about the sun instead of ellipses, was as clumsy and inaccurate as Ptolemy's geocentric model. It quickly gained acceptance, though not without considerable controversy.While the earth teems with life, elsewhere space appears to be only barren and incredibly hostile to life.The earth gives every indication that it was specially designed for life, and it is unique in this regard.Newton (1643-1727) was then able to explain why Kepler's laws worked based upon his famous law of gravity. Many attempts were made to prove that heliocentricity was true and geocentricity was false, right up until the early 1900's. The most well-known of these is the Michelson-Morley experiment which was designed to measure the change in the speed of light, due to the assumed motion of the earth through space, when measured in different directions on the earth's surface.This tremendous progress in understanding resulted in almost universal acceptance of heliocentricity and rejection of geocentricity. The failure of this experiment to detect any significant change played an important role in the acceptance of Einstein's theory of special relativity.The theory of special relativity holds as a basic assumption that the speed of light will always be the same everywhere in the universe irrespective of the relative motion of the source of the light and the observer.The ability of special relativity to successfully explain many non-intuitive physical phenomena which are manifested by atomic particles when moving at speeds greater than about one-tenth the speed of light seems to corroborate this assumption.

In fact, the Bible provides no explicit teaching on any questions relating to the form of the universe.

It asserts that it is impossible for a human observer to determine whether any material body is in a state of absolute rest (i.e., immobile in space).

It claims that only motion of two material bodies relative to one another can be physically detected.

On matters relating to the physical form of the universe, the Bible is mute.

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This leaves the more controversial assertion (item "b" above) that the earth is motionless in space to be discussed.

Thus, the failure of the Michelson-Morley experiment (and all other experiments of similar intent) to detect any motion of the earth through space is understood by modern science in terms of relativity rather than geocentricity.