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One point is that when I sat in my classroom, Form One `A`, on a day of clear weather I could clearly see Baforkum, the small but conspicuous Baforchu village that migrated to Bambui, up at the Agric Farm, and where I was actually born and bred, despite what my national identity card and I say.

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When my father visited us at the hospital three weeks later, he did not recognize me as I played in the forecourt with other children. Throughout the first term, I was hospitalized, firstly at the Bamenda General Hospital. As the situation worsened, I was discharged, probably “to die at home”. So I had the language of English, the Language of Literature, the Language of French, the Langue of Physics and the Language of mathematics.

This was a far cry from what I had experienced at St.

However, a relative told my parents that if I was taken to the Presbyterian Hospital in Acha Tugi, Momo Division.