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Miss Tellit broke Peter's tittie trance by saying, "Peter, I know it's amazing, but we must turn to your makeup.Now, please do try to concentrate." She made up one side of his face and had Peter do the other.Morning ablutions complete, Peter donned a white silk robe, slipped into his mules and went to sit at the makeup vanity table ("Mind your deportment as you sit. And stop rocking about on your 'friend,' you shameless hussy! "Now, Peter, I understand you were napping yesterday where these were used, but it's time to do your morning tittie training.Watch carefully as I put them on you." First she opened up his robe and attached tiny electrode patches to each side of his titties.Its base tampered down to a half-inch flange, after which it increased to a full inch before again tampering off to a slim rounded head."Sweetie, it's time for your 'fanny friend.' Now be a good girl and put it up your sissy pussy all by yourself. I suggest you first apply it to your little sissy hole and then the plug, itself." Peter responded with a deep blush that told Theodosia Tellit everything she needed to know - or, more precisely, already knew.

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Please with her work, Miss Tellit said, "Aren't you just the most darling sissy on the face of the Earth!However, the sticky wetness about his front seemed strange. "And that is hardly the proper way to greet your mistress! That little sedative Doctor D'Oley gave you yesterday should have worn off." Only half listening, and entirely missing the point, Peter was far more interested in Miss Tellit. Today she was wearing a soft white silk notched collar blouse over a pink chintz short skirt.