Wot not updating

14-Nov-2017 08:11

This vehicle is currently "unknown" and does not report any WN8 value. Thanks, Slartybartfest Error: Cannot parse json file.- Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Many battles dropped, M41 90 wasn't correct, but this morning it isn't showing at all. if I look at my tank list the WN8 values are stable and won't change after refreshing the page.

I m selecting the most recent dossier file on my computer. Hi Phalynx, I was curious if you had plans to update wot statistics to accommodate the new M41 90? Though some may have taken thce view he expressed, this was in no way universal. I believe JD is mistaken in his assertions relating to the "mindset of Western Europe in the Middle Ages" in regard to nudity.The Valentine AT has 330 average HE damage on its 3.7 inch howitzer, so why not the one on the Cruiser II as well? "Some changes we are planning in the nearest updates" Doesn't mean 4.5 directly.

It's the same gun, same calibre, same shell velocity? Also tier V and VI buffs were missing (other than VK 30.01 (P)? So what about the most OP tier 7 tanks (Dracula, Helsing)? And as usual, 76mm L-11 gun for A-32 premium tank Edited by Strike FIN, 15 December 2017 - AM.

18th or 19th December rest news about 4.5 update (vehicle balances) and 20th December update, together with Blitz Fair.