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At the 1845 annual meeting, again held on 30 April, the meeting re-appointed Philip Mackay and John Sutherland as Police Officers for the current year with the same salaries as the previous year.

The Sheriff obviously had his ear to the ground and could see that there was the potential for piece-meal policing in the County rather than a properly organised (and commanded) Police Force.

It is recorded in the Minutes of the Proceedings of the Commissioners of Supply for the County at their annual meeting on 30 April 1828 that: "The Meeting continue ...

the salary of Twenty Five Pounds Sterling to James Stewart Police Officer for the year from Whitsunday 1828 to Whitsunday 1829." Unfortunately the previous volume of the Commissioners' Minutes is missing, so it is not known when 'Police Officer' was first used in Sutherland, nor how long Mr Stewart had been in office.

In the 1843 Accounts however there appeared for the first time the word "Constable", in respect of Peter Mackay and George Mackay, Tongue and also "Donald Gunn, Constable, Strathhalladale".

Each year, at its Annual Meeting, the Commissioners minuted the re-hiring of the Police Officer - and also of the Keeper of the Mound - and these persons appear to have been the only employees of the County, other than the Jailer.

Perhaps there had simply been no criminal work to be done in Strathhalladale and Tongue in the period of the accounts?

The 'Serjeant Mac Leod' may well have been the Dornoch Burgh Officer, as municipal authorities tended to apply the title of Serjeant to their Council Officers, who usually had some local law enforcement responsibilities in addition to their other Council duties.

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The Loth Parish (1826) return was completed by the Schoolmaster and Constable together.Meanwhile, back in Dornoch, the aforesaid Mr Stewart continued in post, and at the same wage, through until 1841.