Dating 10 years younger men

05-Nov-2017 00:05

Think of all the things you two can discuss and you can take the lead and enjoy being the mentor.Everything from the business world to the books you read, and the pleasures you care to indulge in during private moments.

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However, when it came to communication and just how he treated me in general, this guy was years ahead of some of his 30-something male counterparts. It was such a relief to date someone who wasn’t jaded.Reason 5: If you know what you want, he's likely up to the task. Are you in transition and aware of that fact -- looking to experiment and explore?In any relationship, it's critical to know what you want. Fireworks in bed are not a factor of age, but of attraction and emotional bonding. And what a man your own age may view as "baggage," a younger guy sees as fascinating territory you've traveled -- and you're willing to share.

Here are five fabulous reasons to date younger -- and love every minute of it! Your experience is valuable, whether you're 35 or 45 or 65.

He understood and listened with thoughtful curiosity.

I felt like I had an obligation to come out and tell my side of the story and hopefully people can learn from the mistakes I made.… continue reading »

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“When I read , and there are these moony descriptions of Edward as a godlike figure, I thought there was no way I could play him,” he recalls.… continue reading »

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If you can find your way through the maze of disorienting white curtains in the lobby, and don’t collide with the randomly placed red piano, you’ll arrive at the hotel’s pride and joy – its Beach Club.… continue reading »

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