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30-Jun-2017 04:36

Whenever i have little anxiety for a short while or realise ive gone a whole 60 seconds without thinking about it i get hit with 'what the hell? ' Also when i see men and dont get anxious, i think 'i didnt get anxious, did i really like that? I feel I can't be bothered the last few days so I'm worried crap less I'll be unsuccessful and not find an ideal woman. I want to find a nice g.f and I guess my non anxiety says I just go through phrases of trying harder than other times.The HOCD drives me bonkers like the last few weeks I found a woman who was too clingy and this chased me off so my OCD has been like "what If I feel that way about everybody".had other problems like lack of money so there's been a few ok'ish woman I've spoke to on dating sites which have also been annoying. That's another fear I'll never meet the right one but it's been ages since I've found someone I click with.I am worried about my actions after blocking a swear at work and at my home from obsessing over toilet roll all the time.Has anybody got any good OCD links or advice as I'm struggling like mad... i can totally relate to this problem its where i am now, my ocd is about harming my family, now i have the thoughts but i dont have the anxiety which at first was really scary because u knew u didnt like the thoughts because they made u anxious, now to just get the thoughts with no feelings what so ever it is very strange.It's like a big circle I have thoughts anxiety and it goes round and round and my thoughts find almost anything to be anxious over I feel weak. When I had intrusive thoughts many years ago they were greatly helped with an anti-depressant and acceptance that they were part of my anxiety and that the more I battled them the worse they became. Regards Myra phil u are in the world of ocd, nothing will seem right everything u doubt, because u fear them thoughts u get the anxiety, but remember they are just thoughts, we are not our thoughts i look at them as our mind giving us suggestions on things we should do but thats all suggestions.Right now I feel lousy and it makes me feel like sleeping more, staying up late, it's making me lose interest in things, sex drive is being affected lately not sure if its a mixture of anxiety and having other things on my mind. Try to accept them and don't tense yourself up against them. dont get me wrong i have been in my room and thoughts of harming my family are racing through my head and i am near shivering with the fear of it. but i think the worst thing u can do is actions that ease the anxiety, like organising things a certain my problem now is not so much the thoughts but what do i think and because i dont know what to think i think about what if i have intrusive thoughts and then they are there the anxiety was really bad but now i just find it hard to concentrate and feel totally confused Thanks I'm glad I'm not the only one.

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I know all these thoughts mean nothing but I'm struggling.I find myself living like a book I have to do everything by the rules.I can't do anything wrong, can't do anything out of character, OCD over everything, music, games, films, colours.I've felt a bit tired and peaky the last few days so automatically assuming I've got swine flu? Then I've felt a bit laggy in looking on dating sites normally I check more so because I've become fussy I keep getting negative thoughts.

My non anxiety mind tells me my moods change and sometimes I feel like looking and not a long battle it hard to feel positive but we have to try you will get through this i have before had it 3 yrs ago and after a yr i was totally free of it, come off my drugs it came back. If I kiss a girl I'm like "omg am I enjoying this enough" "will I get bored".

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