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28-Aug-2017 17:45

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“We are always having a good time so it’s very easy to find inspiration from every little thing.”Nervous about people’s reaction to her work, Catana wasn’t originally planning to post the comics online.

So John took matters into his own hands and shared some of the comics on Reddit where they soon went viral.

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(Just like you mix the three primary colors—blue, red, and yellow—into vivid greens and purples and oranges.) MATTER: Martín, can you tell us a bit about character design for the stories within ICE CREAM MAN? Did you design his look, or was it all in the script?

Since there’s a different cast of characters in each issue, how do you ground the reader when everyone inside the world is changing?

The pair, who has been dating for over a year, first connected on Tinder but the conversation fizzled and they didn’t end up meeting.

Weeks later, on one fateful night, Catana spotted John at a bar and with her friends’ help, finally introduced herself.

This particular ICE CREAM MAN is no different, except some decadent details that’ll make you squirm and think twice about those classic tasty treats. Maxwell Prince, Martín Morazzo, & Chris O’Halloran, a veritable ice cream truck crew, as they serve up a variety of tales that’ll tickle your tastebuds—and the back of your neck!

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